weight1 [ weıt ] noun ***
1. ) uncount a measurement of how heavy a person or thing is:
in weight: It was about 12 pounds in weight.
lose weight (=become thinner): Have you lost weight?
put on/gain weight (=become fatter): Susan gained weight after her accident.
watch your weight (=control how much you eat): I am trying to watch my weight.
a ) the condition or effect of being heavy:
weight of: The weight of the backpack made the child fall over.
Tim was stuck under the weight of the fallen tree.
2. ) count a heavy object used for making another thing heavier:
He tied weights to the sack and hurled it into the river.
a ) a piece of heavy metal designed for lifting or throwing as a sport
b ) a piece of metal that weighs a particular amount, used for measuring how much something else weighs
c ) any heavy object, especially one that is difficult to lift or move:
The car was not able to pull such a large weight.
3. ) uncount the influence or importance that something has:
give weight to: Patten was not inclined to give much weight to their judgment.
carry weight (=have a lot of influence): Simpson's opinions carry considerable weight with the President.
add weight to: A recently discovered inscription has added weight to the theory.
attach weight to: We attach little weight to this new evidence.
4. ) singular something that causes you trouble or difficulty:
Susan now bears the full weight of running the family.
a weight off your mind (=something you no longer have to worry about): Obviously the verdict is a huge weight off my mind.
pull/carry your weight
to do your share of work:
He wasn't pulling his weight, so he had to go.
throw/put your weight behind
to use your reputation or influence to support a person or idea:
The president is throwing his full weight behind the proposal.
throw your weight around
to use your authority or influence in an unreasonable or unpleasant way:
As soon as he arrived, he began throwing his weight around.
weight 2 [ weıt ] verb transitive
weight or weight down to make something heavier by putting a weight on it, especially in order to stop it from moving:
He had weighted the bag with rocks.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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